F1 Update 2 PC-GAME

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F1 2012 Update 2 info:

This update contains in excess of 200 fixes and improvements for F1 2012 including the following major updates:

- Autosave bug – The issue some users were experiencing where saving during career play would stop functioning is now 

- Players ranked 6 are now able to see online sessions hosted by other players
- Car setups will no longer revert to the default settings if players quit back to the main menu from Parc Fermé
- Time attack times no longer overwrite RaceNet event times
- AI drivers now pit to change tyres at the correct time
- Fixed an issue where players using voice communication might experience a crash when plugging in a mic
- Fixed an issue where some players would experience a crash in Career tutorials after completing a Season Challenge
- Players are no longer able to drive through barriers/environment after using a flashback in pits
- Fuel consumption when using manual gears has now been brought in line with automatic gear usage
- Camera angles when exiting the pit lane has been fixed
- AI no longer pit after one lap when wet weather races have been restarted
- Positioning of the top 4 ranked players on PC leaderboards has been corrected. Leaderboards will be reset later today in 

order to update player rankings. (Once players complete another online race they will be added back on to the leaderboard 

with all their stats intact)
- Driver name plates can now be seen
- Numerous graphical improvements made such as flicker on rain/ground textures, interface positioning and correction of 

some track surfaces that showed incorrect weather
- Various fixes to cameras including the 3D effect and pit lane cameras
- Numerous textual and localisation fixes included

New Known Issue

On certain hardware, when the player’s car goes into shadow the whole screen flickers. This can be worked around by setting Shadows to Low or Ultra Low in My F1 -> Graphics. This issue will be addressed in the next patch.

No compatible con la Version -FLT

F1 Update 2
Descarga http://adf.ly/DWgbq

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